Exhali is an active-wear brand that combines the aesthetics of street-wear with functionality for the gym. All waistbands are made with our special heat conducting fabric to increase sweat production and train your waist. The technology increases body temperature to burn more calories, while also being breathable and quick to dry.

"Not feeling or looking your best can damage your confidence, which is important in all aspects of life. This is why I want to create EXHALI; to help women gain their confidence back by combining two of my passions: fitness and fashion. When I started to suffer from bloating and stubborn lower belly fat, it seemed as if there was no fix no matter how hard I worked. I discovered that wrapping saran wrap around my waist before running would make my body work harder, but always made a loud sound in the gym. I also felt guilty about the chemical toxicity from the hot plastic and the environmental effects from the waste. I wanted to come up with a sustainable alternative by adding a waistband into the high-waisted leggings I was already wearing that would help speed up the process and look good while doing it. After testing and loving my product for 18 months, my mission is to share it with women around the world and make them feel good again."